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This site is about ovevrcoming substance abuse/dependence and life coaching. It focuses on the recovery process and regaining control of one's life and moving forward with success.

Four Days until 2013

How is the preparation for 2013 going for you?  Yesterday I posted some thoughts about improvement considerations for our New Life in 2013.  Some of these are easier to address and consider than others.  Probably one of the most difficult personal attributes to acknowledge is a substance abuse or dependence habit.  This is something that takes time and understanding.  Unfortunately many people do not have either for a substance abuse or dependence situation.

Traditionally it has been taught that admitting the situation is the first step.  That is absolutely true.  Many times admitting it is the step that one gets stuck in.  I believe that acknowledging it as well is just as important.  For example, it is not a real hard effort to say “I know that I have a drug/alcohol problem.”  However if it is acknowledged, this is an indicator that one is at least preparing for an effort to address the situation.  Addressing the situation varies as widely as the individual preparing to addressing it.  There is no one “canned routine” that will work the same for every individual.

Fortunately there are many processes available to address these situations, and they all have their place in the recovery process for someone or another.  One thing is for sure that I have lived by in my path of life is found in John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  I invite a visit to my website, for more information, and an invitation to discuss any aspect of substance use, abuse, and dependence with anyone.

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