New Life Recovery and Coaching – Purpose and Goals

This site is about ovevrcoming substance abuse/dependence and life coaching. It focuses on the recovery process and regaining control of one's life and moving forward with success.

New Life for 2013 – Resiliency

Resiliency is a trait that is considered a key attribute to emotional health and well-being.  Put simply it is the ability to bounce back after a hardship, the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, stress, or challenging life events.  Resiliency is also important in addiction recovery.  It may involve a lot of self soul-searching and support, but is very useful to gain some psychological insights into potential underlying causes of an addiction, and overcoming these causes.

The good news is that resilience is a behavioral trait that can be strengthened.  It involves looking at situations realistically and rationally.  Keeping a positive view on oneself and exercising the capacity to experience strong feelings in productive manners are some of the key areas to exercise.  Having a sense of self-empowerment in challenging situations and achieving victory in these situations contribute to resiliency.

Are there examples that you can consider resilience to be a key behavioral attribute in dealing with a challenging life event?  Addiction recovery?

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