New Life Recovery and Coaching – Purpose and Goals

This site is about ovevrcoming substance abuse/dependence and life coaching. It focuses on the recovery process and regaining control of one's life and moving forward with success.

A New Perspective on a New Life – Stages of Behavioral Change

The Stages of Change

To review, the five stages of behavioral change are:

  1. Pre-contemplation
  2. Contemplation
  3. Preparation/Determination
  4. Action/Willpower
  5. Maintenance

4. Action/Willpower

This stage is typically the fourth stage of the behavioral stage change model.   This is the stage in which individuals modify their behavior, experiences, or environment in order to overcome their problems.  Action involves the most open and transparent behavioral changes and requires considerable commitment of time and energy.  Typically with substance use and abuse it involves some coaching, therapy, and support group activity.  Progress is achieved by being taught techniques for keeping up commitments such as substituting activities related to the unhealthy behavior with positive and healthy ones, rewards for taking steps toward changing, and avoiding people and situations that tempt them to behave in unhealthy ways.  Again, this is another exciting step of forward progress.

An important point to note –  these stages are not always clear and distinct transitions.  The transitions from one to  another may become a bit blurred or not immediately noticeable.  The important aspect of this change model is to recognize forward progress, and not focus on the ‘moments’ that the transitions have taken place.

Please visit or contact me at the information provided on the web site for additional information on these stages.  In addition, I encourage any comments, questions, or concerns left on this blog.


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