New Life Recovery and Coaching – Purpose and Goals

This site is about ovevrcoming substance abuse/dependence and life coaching. It focuses on the recovery process and regaining control of one's life and moving forward with success.

A New Perspective on a New Life – Stages of Behavioral Change

The Stages of Change

To review, the five stages of behavioral change are:

  1. Pre-contemplation
  2. Contemplation
  3. Preparation/Determination
  4. Action/Willpower
  5. Maintenance

5. Maintenance

This stage is the fifth stage of the behavioral stage change model.   This is the stage in which individuals are successfully avoiding former behaviors and keeping up new behaviors. During this stage, people become more assured that they will be able to continue their new (and hopefully) desired change in behavior or habits.

During this stage it is imperative that temptations are avoided such as involvement with environments which include any substance usage.  Achieving this stage is a very large accomplishment.  Rewards  for sobriety are important, as long as the reward does not include substance usage.  Caution is to be used to not lapse or relapse.  If lapse or relapse does happen, a reminder that it was just a minor setback is in order.  Persistence should be practiced to get back to abstinence or the stage of desired behavior.  I have always said that we know how to do it at this stage since we have gotten this far.  Do it again and again and again until it sticks!!!  Don’t quit quitting!!!

This completes my postings on the Behavioral Change Model as it applies to Substance Use/Abuse.  Some models add a sixth stage which may include Termination or Relapse.  These are not necessarily part of the original model labeled the Transtheoretical Model so I will leave those to personal preference for observation or comment.

Please visit or contact me at the information provided on the web site for additional information on these stages.  In addition, I encourage any comments, questions, or concerns left on this blog.


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