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I find that equanimity is something that is not published a great amount of time.   This seems kind of odd to me, because it is something that covers a vast amount of well-being with not only the psychological stability of an individual, but it also has many spiritual and emotional  benefits as well.

As a society we tend to firmly believe in a particular religious outlook, while dismissing the integrity and spiritual application of others’ beliefs.  I have as well.  Over the last several months I have been experiencing an exceptional amount of spiritual and cognitive dissonance over how to study, interpret, and fully understand spirituality.  I have firmly held onto Christian beliefs, studied Buddhism, and relished in some Taoism.  While doing this, I couldn’t help but to believe that they must all have something in common, other than  less than the appreciation of the other.

So why mention this?  Many times it is important to understand our spiritual outlook on life – and others’.  If it is believed that we don’t fit into a particular social or religious category and we feel that we need to be labeled as one of the them, perhaps we tend to limit our perspectives from what is considered an acceptable societal member.  Maybe it is a family tradition, maybe it is marital, community, or a workplace attempt to fit into a particular religious mold.  Is this a healthy stand to take?  Perhaps, but is it a limited view of our surroundings?

What is in common?  I have attached an interesting article from a web search  that cuts across religious boundaries to apply equanimity.  I hope others find this interesting and at least, a bit applicable.  While it is only a single representation of similarities of differing spiritual beliefs, I believe that it is a beneficial read in which to partake.  Equanimity represents the many emotional, spiritual, and physical thoughts that are involved in individualistic peace and well-being.

I welcome all comments!!


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  1. I am hoping this posts as I expect. I have been doing some changes to my blog and FB page for experimentation. I appreciate all who participate, and welcome feedback.

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