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Denial in Substance Abuse Recovery

Denial is a well know psychological defense system that allows an individual to cope with or provide time to overcome certain traumatic situations in life.  It is usually perceived in substance abuse as a negative mechanism inhibiting forward progress in recovery.

Are there any instances where denial in substance use or abuse can be considered a positive mechanism? If so, what would be the point in recovery that it is time to address this process?


New Life for 2013 – Stop Haters from Derailing Your Recovery

Frequently I see articles that catch my eye on various sites and blogs.  This one caught my eye, because it is real for many who are considering changing an addictive behavior.  It is in line with the postings that I have done for the stages of behavioral change.

One of the most challenging efforts for getting sober is losing the crowd that one has identified with for several years.  I have often said that almost anyone can get sober.  The challenge is how to stay that way.  So often it requires re-learning one’s identity and how to function in non-drug/alcohol surroundings.  The ways to accomplish this are as many as there are individuals wishing to get, and stay sober.

Take a look at the link.  This is often one of the beginning challenges of staying on track with recovery.

Stop Haters from Derailing your Recovery!!

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New Life for 2013 – Drugs Fact Week

I have attached a brochure from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for National Drug Facts Week.  It may be of some interest, and it has factual and myth busting information.  This organization is very resourceful for drug and substance use & abuse information.

NIDA Drug Fact Week Brochure

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New Life for 2013 – Resiliency

Resiliency is a trait that is considered a key attribute to emotional health and well-being.  Put simply it is the ability to bounce back after a hardship, the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, stress, or challenging life events.  Resiliency is also important in addiction recovery.  It may involve a lot of self soul-searching and support, but is very useful to gain some psychological insights into potential underlying causes of an addiction, and overcoming these causes.

The good news is that resilience is a behavioral trait that can be strengthened.  It involves looking at situations realistically and rationally.  Keeping a positive view on oneself and exercising the capacity to experience strong feelings in productive manners are some of the key areas to exercise.  Having a sense of self-empowerment in challenging situations and achieving victory in these situations contribute to resiliency.

Are there examples that you can consider resilience to be a key behavioral attribute in dealing with a challenging life event?  Addiction recovery?

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New Life for 2013 – Understanding Alcohol Use Disorders

As I am discussing the stages of behavioral change, I am going to try to throw in some informative articles.  The one I am posting today briefly explains alcohol use disorders.  I believe that this can also apply to other drug addictions as well.  Take a look.

Understanding Alcohol Use Disorders

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New Life for 2013 – Habits to Avoid

My intention is to discuss the five behavioral stages for change, but I found this article in another blog of which I participate.  I thought that it was a great down-to-earth article so I am going to post it for today.  I believe that it is a great piece of prevention information along with applicability to any recovery stage.

Click on the below link to open the article.

Habits to Avoid

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New Life for 2013

It is now New Year’s Eve 2013.  Have you made some commitments to improve your life starting tomorrow?  Breaking old habits and beginning new habits are typically big decisions, especially if one is serious about the change.  These commitments can even be a bit intimidating.  There are some things that can be done to make these accomplishments more achievable.  Here are a few practices that usually help to assure success:

  • Write down your realistic objectives
  • Outline a plan
  • Keep a progress report
  • Keep it simple

Change is not easy, but success at your objectives can be extremely rewarding.  I invite all to visit for further information.

Have a great and safe New Year’s Eve,


Four Days until 2013

How is the preparation for 2013 going for you?  Yesterday I posted some thoughts about improvement considerations for our New Life in 2013.  Some of these are easier to address and consider than others.  Probably one of the most difficult personal attributes to acknowledge is a substance abuse or dependence habit.  This is something that takes time and understanding.  Unfortunately many people do not have either for a substance abuse or dependence situation.

Traditionally it has been taught that admitting the situation is the first step.  That is absolutely true.  Many times admitting it is the step that one gets stuck in.  I believe that acknowledging it as well is just as important.  For example, it is not a real hard effort to say “I know that I have a drug/alcohol problem.”  However if it is acknowledged, this is an indicator that one is at least preparing for an effort to address the situation.  Addressing the situation varies as widely as the individual preparing to addressing it.  There is no one “canned routine” that will work the same for every individual.

Fortunately there are many processes available to address these situations, and they all have their place in the recovery process for someone or another.  One thing is for sure that I have lived by in my path of life is found in John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  I invite a visit to my website, for more information, and an invitation to discuss any aspect of substance use, abuse, and dependence with anyone.

Have a great day,


Day after Christmas

I hope all had a wonderful Christmas.  Maybe this is the time to contemplate the initiative to give up some of the undesirable habits that have been standing in the way of a joyful and promising future. New Life Recovery and Coaching can help with this.  Maybe there is a drug or alcohol that is standing in the way of moving forward with life in general.  I can help with this obstacle.  Now is the time to take the initiative to change  your life.  Make 2013 your “New Life” by choosing to improve certain aspects of your life.  Take a look at my website.  I can help.

There is nothing more joyful than accomplishing goals that improve your life or even perspective on life.  You and your loved one’s will appreciate the effort and success.  I look forward to speaking with those of you who are serious about life change.

Blessings to all.  Enjoy your post-Christmas activities.

Mike Stringer

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